We began as a team of four people in a small office that was located in an apartment in Ramat HaSharon, . There were also five field reps who helped the then importer – Dubek – to increase the sales of JTI’s products in selected stores. At that time, JTI asked the “small team” to create a company that would import and distribute its products in Israel instead of Dubek.

That is how we began, modestly and frugally, with small expenses and big plans, a small team with huge hopes. We set out on our path – we recruited 14 distributors who helped to distribute the merchandise to the stores, the field reps continued their work and three sales managers managed and supervised the distributors’ operation.

A few years later we planned and built a direct distribution infrastructure to retailers, an idea that was perhaps regarded as slightly unachievable; however, the courage to realize it and the dream it involved motivated Globrands' management to take the risk.

Immediately after this, the BAT management saw this “wonder” – direct distribution that works and functions amazingly well, while demonstrating efficiency that is expressed in an increase in sales and market shares. Therefore, the company’s management contacted Globrands asking to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the young but promising work method that had already begun to prove itself. In this way, Globrands became three times bigger almost overnight. Time passed, Globrands continued to grow, increasing its strength and becoming a large and significant factor in the consumer products market in Israel.

As a strategic decision, Globrands aspired to stabilize its activity and not rely on one field only. We strengthened our status as the best sales and distribution company using the van sales method in Israel with a variety of strong, leading brands also in the field of food and confectionery. The first collaboration was created with Wrigley, and afterwards fascinating collaboration with Unilever was added. This is another completely independent operational branch, which is not related to distribution of tobacco and cigarettes, but is based on the infrastructures, knowledge and abilities that already exist in the organization.

Over the years, logistic centers and warehouses in Modi'in, Kiryat Ata, and headquarters in Tel Aviv were added to the company, and additional collaborations came into being with Ferrero, BIC lighters, and others.

The company going public in the past year is an additional sign of success and an indication of Globrands’ stability in the Israeli market.

We at Globrands continue to look ahead to the plans that we will initiate and fulfill in the future.

Success milestones

The first office in Ramat Hasharon and the distribution of the JTI brands
In addition to the direct distribution method, the establishment of 4 branches and two distributors in the Galilee and Eilat.
Bat brand distribution and brand rebranding
Gadi Netzer is appointed CEO in place of Yaron Gazit, who is taking over as chairman
Construction of a logistic center in Modi'in
Tel Aviv, Kanot and Jerusalem branches to Marlog in Modi'in
Transfer of the company headquarters to Tel Aviv and the Haifa branch to the Kiryat Gat branch
Establishment of a renewed food division
Issuance of Globrands Group on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

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