We at Globrands see contribution to the community and social responsibility as a fundamental and significant part of the company’s values, Globrands is involved in the community and contributes to a variety of voluntary organizations and community projects.

Organizations that Globrands donates to:

  • Friends of the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion, thereby assisting needy and lone soldiers who serve in the unit.
  • The Center for Lone soldiers.
  • Notnim BeAhavah (Giving with Love) – thanks to this donation, children from underprivileged families receive a meal at school during the week.
  • Latet – assistance for needy Holocaust survivors that enables them to live decently.
  • Ofek Liyladenu – activity for children with blindness and visual impairments.
  • On Jewish holidays, Globrands regularly donates food baskets to families in need, sick children and Holocaust survivors so they can celebrate the holiday.

The "City In Change" Project

One of the big projects that Globrands accompanies and donates to is the Ir Bashinui program of Zionism 2000 in Yeruham. The program aspires to improve access to further education, employment and local culture, while building a comprehensive model for the city based on community empowerment and development of the social capital, by establishing an infrastructure, activity for all the youth in the city, and creating channels of entrepreneurship and economic development with the help of local tourism.

Distributing gift packages in hospitals

Last Chanukah, Globrands bought some 200 gift packages from the Gedolim Mehahaim (Larger Than Life) organization. The gift packages were donated to children’s wards in a number of hospitals throughout Israel. Representatives from the food division visited the Wolfson and Kaplan hospitals to distribute the packages and personally make the children in the hospital wards happy.

These activities are an inseparable part of our source of pride as an Israeli retail company. We therefore aspire to add to and expand the field of contribution to the community at all times. 

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