Strategic partners and brands

Globrands provides a full infrastructure for its strategic partners, enabling them to operate marketing teams and manage their brands in the Israeli market. Marketing professionals are familiar with the Israeli market in its entirety, and enable international suppliers to enjoy a comprehensive and professional service, while being fully familiar with the various parameters that influence it and the various brands.

Globrands represents a number of concerns and a wide variety of brands, while maintaining the confidentiality of the marketing processes in order not to harm the planned processes of each of the concerns. Our partners over the years know that Globrands' marketing team gives them transparency on the one hand and complete confidentiality with their competitors.

In the tobacco sector, the company holds the second largest market share in Israel. The companies and products we distribute are among the leading brands of cigarette brands in the world with growing production and sales for a wide range of market segments.

Since 2001, Globrands has been the importer and exclusive distributor of JTI - Japan Tobacco International products in Israel, including leading global brands such as Camel, Winston and L.D. Since 2007, the company has also become the exclusive importer and distributor of BAT-British American Tobacco products whose brands include Kent, Pall Mall, Vogue, Rotmans and Lucky Strike, all well-established and recognized brands that enjoy global exposure .

We at Globrands know that a properly functioning marketing system can be the difference between a strong and familiar brand and a brand that disappears at the sea of ​​existing brands in Israel. The company's marketing personnel are constantly working to create prominence and visibility for each of the brands represented, and to strengthen their position in the Israeli market.

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